Motivation-where do you find it?

Instagram, facebook, transformation photos, hot dudes, and sexy chicks…We are bombarded with “fitspo” images constantly (at least if you’re anything like me). At first I thought, “what a great way to motivate me!” but it turns out I was effin’ wrong about that. Every fitspo image that is a woman with a great 6 pack or booty just kept reminding me how I do not live up to that standard. And guess what? It is damn near impossible. Perfection is unattainable. I just kept feeling LESS THAN the athletic-looking girls and judging my body. Yuck. First of all, I AM MORE THAN JUST A BODY. I am a beautiful woman inside and out. And secondly, my body is amazing. It can jump and walk and play. It lifts heavy things! It hugs my favourite people. It can love and read and knit. Motivation is a feeling and feelings don’t last. They are up and down and come and go. True “motivation” is intrinsic and the more I love my body NOW, the better it becomes.

Although, I did have a bit of a motivating moment the other day. BACKGROUND: I have injured myself and have not been lifting weights, but I have still been eating like a bodybuilder (oops). A young man asked me if I was pregnant the other day! A. What an idiot! and B. Does he have a point? I am going with A on this one, but it has motivated me to clean up my diet a bit and get some more cardio in while rehabbing my back. I still love my body as it is, but there’s no harm in self-improvement.

Say No to body shaming and love yo’self!eff you fitspo

Taken from a great article on the fitspo subject:


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