How To Get Out of a Funk.

Haven’t made a blog post in awhile because of total funkiness. My poor mood and self-pity party got me thinking……So what to do? How do I get out of a funk?!
We all know that can be very difficult sometimes especially if I’m (wait for it): tired, lonely, cold, cranky, hungry, headachey, PMS-y, sore, sick, busy, not enough time, feel fat, nothing to wear, etc. Insert LAME EXCUSE Here.
Honestly, I’ve been through a big ol’ rock bottom and made it out alive! Indeed, I did learn some stuff along the way on how to get out of a funk. Let me tell you what helped me and take what works for you.
1. GRATITUDE! Always start here. Always. Make a list of 3 things every single day that you are grateful for. I do this every morning with my coffee. Sometimes it’s easy! I could list like a million things. Other days, it’s like: I can read (think, see, walk, play, laugh, cry, be alive) yay! Sunshine, lollipops.
2. Be present. Don’t regret and dwell on the past. And don’t worry about the future. It hasn’t happened yet. Serenity Prayer the crap out of everything! Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can.
Try meditation. There are apps like headspace that will give you a ten minute meditation every day and it’s free. Or YouTube. Bexlife has 4 minute meditations. And she’s Sa’Cute.
3. Remember that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in this moment. Trust in a power greater than yourself. You cannot control what happens in life, but you can control your attitude and how you respond.
4. Feel the feelings. Don’t eat them! Katie B! (I tell myself), a box of Apple jacks will not actually make you feel better. Duh. Also, writing out your feelings in a journal or talking with someone you trust helps loads.
5. Stop the negative thinking. Recognize it, forgive yourself, and replace it with something nice. Do not tell yourself anything you would not say to a friend. I would never say to anyone, especially my friends, “you are fat and disgusting and not very smart, why do you keep effing up?” So why the heck would I say that to myself?! Which leads finally to ….
6. Treat Yo’self. Self-care! Get your nails did, hair did, everything did. Shower! Even if that’s all you can do that day. Exercise IS self care. So do not forget it. Walk for 15 minutes. Yoga, hula hoops, lifting heavy shit, etc. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Remember that true happiness comes from within you.
Hug yourself and love yourself today and then go hug someone else too while you’re at it,
Katie xo


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