A few thoughts about anger: A tiny rant, but a big message.

Whoa. Deep *ish right there. Anger. Yuck. It is not pretty, at least on me it’s not. But it exists and it is an important feeling. One really important thing I learned in my past year of personal development is this: anger comes from inside you. No one can “make” you angry. You make you angry. It’s not an easy thing to accept. I still struggle with it all the time. For example, the other day, someone really hurt my feelings and eff! I was angry. But I had to look inside myself and figure out what about the situation made me feel this way? Perhaps something said reminded me of my own character flaws. Aha, yup.
So what did I do? I felt the feelings, the hot anger and the hurt. And I talked about it, and I cried, and then I learned how I can change my behaviour to be a better person because I sure as hell cannot change someone else’s.
Think about it.
Love, Katie xo


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