Dear FitKatieB…. and the Best Advice Ever.

This is just a real quick post I wanted to share (sorry to my family that may read this, there are some swears, xo)

My girlfriend asked me the other day, “Dear super smart and fit and beautiful friend, How do you get out of a self-pity funk when you’re just not feeling happy?” (Ok, that is not the exact question, but it was something like that). So I gave her what I later called, the best advice ever (you can thank me later).

Dear Frustrated Friend,

First of all, you have to feel all the feelings. This part hurts and sucks, but it has to happen. Then, you must pray. I don’t care who or what you are praying to, just do it. Put your thoughts out into the universe. Ask for help and give gratitude for what’s already been given to you. Meditate. Quiet your mind. De-stress. Talk about it. Don’t isolate! That never helps. Hiding does not get rid of our problems. Remember, this too shall pass.

And most importantly, BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. You have made it through a lot of shit. And you can do anything! You are so strong. That goddamn caterpillar struggles like a mother fucker before it breaks out of the cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly.

Other things you can do that will help: do something fun, exercise, punch pillows, scream your face off in those same pillows, then lay on top of them and have sex with yourself 😉


Katie xo

*As always, take what you can use and leave the rest.


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