Lose Fat, Gain Muscle! Workout!

I did this workout yesterday and I felt the burn! In and out of the gym pretty quickly. This was fun and got my heart rate up without having to do boring cardio. I did my sets of weight training followed immediately by a cardio interval. A full body workout you can do 3x/week to burn the fat and make the gainz. So give it your all during the cardio intervals and lift heavy!


1a. DB Chest Press (3×10)

1b. High Box Step-Ups (3×8 each leg)

2a. Single Arm Rows (3×8 each arm)

2b. Push-Ups (3×10)

2c. Toe Taps on Low Box (3×50 taps total)

3a. Lat Pull-Downs (3×10)

3b. Weighted Walking Lunges (3×10 each leg)

4a. Goblet Squats (3×10)

4b. Mountain Climbers (3×50 total)

Then you are done! Sweaty and amazing. Drink your BCAAs and stretch!


A superset is a combination of one exercise performed right after the other with no rest in between them. So do the first set of 1a followed immediately by 1b, 2nd set 1a followed immediately by the 2nd set of 1b, etc.

Reps and sets are written: 3×10, etc which means 3 sets of 10 reps


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