Cake-Fueled Mother’s Day Workout

I generally eat healthy, but I am also a normal human being that happens to love all things chocolate. I also love my mom. Today, we celebrated her. She works hard, she’s successful, she is generous, beautiful, and loving. What better way to celebrate than eating cake? DUH.

I  made a happy choice to eat dessert today. I also still managed to fit in a workout today. So #props to me obviously. I am NOT working out to “burn off” any poor eating habits that occurred over the weekend. I worked out because it keeps me sane. Restricting absolutely everything I eat makes Katie go cray cray. Balance keeps me sane.


Here is a lovely workout you can do with either a dumbbell or kettlebell (I used a 16kg KB)

Do as many rounds as possible in 20-30 minutes.

1. Goblet Squats (x 8-10 reps)

2. Push-Ups (x 8-10)

3. Reverse Lunges (x 5-8 reps each leg)

4. 1 Arm Rows (x 5-8 each arm)

5. Burpees (x 5)

Rest as needed, but try to push yourself!


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