I’m super excited to announce I will now be training out of Tapout gym in Burlington, ON. I’ll be doing both personal training (for members and non-members) and Bootcamp workouts there. I’m doing online personal training as well. 

I’ve also updated my  ABOUT page on here so please read it and learn more about my story. And email me to let me know what you think. 

But seriously, enough about me! Let’s get to a super awesome workout. It uses a mix of strength training and cardio conditioning to guarantee fat loss and sweat!

5 Rounds:

10x Barbell Push Press 

10x Reverse Lunges (each leg)

10x Front Squats 

10x Burpees

5x Pull-Ups 

(I used 65# for the push presses and squats and a 22kg kettlebell for the lunges). 

Remember to eat your veggies and drink your water! And don’t be afraid of being yourself because you are awesome. 


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