Post-Workout Nutrition and a Delicious Smoothie Recipe!

Post-Workout Nutrition and a Smoothie Recipe!

Here are just a few of the post-workout nutrition ideas that I keep hearing and seeing again and again -Gatorade, chocolate milk, protein, pixie sticks, fancy donuts, coffee, coconut milk, etc. I could keep going. No wonder it is so confusing for most people to figure out!

The point of post-workout nutrition (PWON) is to aid in recovery, enhance protein synthesis, and replenish glycogen stores (1). In other words, replenish your energy and repair muscle damage. PWON that is well thought out can help change your body composition, aid in fat loss, and enhance muscle-building.

And so now you’re thinking: Okay, I get it, Katie. Now how do I do it?

When? You should consume your PWON immediately after or at least within 2 hours of your workout. This is your WINDOW. Remember, having a PWON window does not mean you should be eating a bag of chips and an entire pizza. This will not help you get closer to your goals.

PWON is required after intense training like weight-lifting, interval or endurance workouts that are longer than 45 minutes. You do not require excessive energy restoration after yoga or long walks on the beach (1).

What? PWON should consist of protein and carbohydrate. My go-to PWON is a protein smoothie. Liquid gold. It is easy to digest and easy to make. I do not want to carry around chicken breasts and sweet potatoes every time I go to the gym!

Try This Smoothie Recipe:

1 banana

1 scoop vanilla whey protein isolate

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond or coconut milk

1 handful of spinach

5 frozen mango chunks

Blend and drink. So yummy!


Check out this full article from Precision Nutrition on Post-Workout Nutrition


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