2016 Resolutions and Updates

HAPPY 2016!

I am busy working on my New Year’s Resolutions! How are you doing on yours? Want my advice? WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN and work on it daily.

I have specific goals for my personal and professional life that includes finances, fitness, and my spirit. These include some of the following ideals:

  1. Cultivate Happiness Daily
  2. Work with a Purpose
  3. Inspire Others
  4. Eat Mindfully
  5. Workout Joyously-Appreciate my body for what it does and not what it looks like
  6. Live Gratefully-Be thankful every day for every day as it is

I am running a (free) 6 week health and fitness challenge to start the new year with a healthy mind, body, and soul. I’d love for you to join me! Every week, you will receive motivation and workouts straight to your inbox! Are you interested? Sign-up here: http://eepurl.com/bLuCJ5 or email me: fitkatiebpersonaltraining@gmail.com

In other news, I will be training evening and weekends at Striation 6 in Toronto, Ontario. I am my own transformation story and I can help you be yours. Wanna train with me? 5 months until bikini season so hop to it! Contact me! www.fitkatieb.com/contact/

Let’s make 2016 the most awesomest year yet.

To health and happiness,

Katie xo


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