Hi! I’m Katie, a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, IMG_1939[1]nurse, and self-proclaimed ninja. I originally started this blog to document my journey into fitness. It has slowly evolved into much more. Not only do I post my workouts, I now offer online training in bootcamp or 1:1 style.

I want to inspire women to lift some damn weights and feel good about themselves. This crazy world makes us think and think and think that we are not good enough, and it is bullshit. I love encouraging women to be themselves, to love themselves, and own it. I think it is most important for me to use this medium to talk real honest shit about life.

It’s taken me years to ignore and deny and eventually forget about my true self. Now that I am clean and sober, I am finding her again. It is scary and awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am driven by passion for developing a strong body, mind, and spirit. I found for myself, the mind and spirit need the most help and the body you’ve always wanted will come with self-love and compassion.

IF you still are interested, keep reading more about me. I am an open book so you can always just ask!

I was addicted to pain killers and alcohol. I hit rock bottom. Fitness saved my life. I got into recovery, felt better and then relapsed. What the hell? I thought, “how did this happen? I look so good!” Haha. OH wait, I had stayed sober for 2 years, but I ignored my mind and especially my spirit. I was relying 100% on my faulty self to keep me sane. I needed more. I needed a miracle. I rejoined my 12 step group after I hit rock bottom (again!), and began practicing yoga and daily meditation. Focusing on allowing the universe to do her thing. I have read and am reading countless books on recovery, buddhism, and of course, fitness too! Life doesn’t magically get easier and my dream body did not just appear, but the hard work is worth it. The constant learning and re-learning to love myself is worth it. I feel that my purpose is to share my story, my struggles, and my triumphs to motivate and inspire others to kick ass at life and to know they are not alone in this journey! I am blessed to be able to do this and help people recognize their true potential.

Combining my background in nursing, knowledge of the body, nutrition, and my skills in personal training, I am able to provide a holistic approach when working with clients. I love helping people improve their overall fitness, health, and well-being.

As a trainer, I’m here to motivate you and coach you. I want to help you recognize your own potential, believe in yourself, and achieve your goals to become fit, strong, and healthy.

Remember, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

I run online bootcamps monthly and provide online personal training as well.

I train clients in both Burlington, Ontario and the GTA.

Shoot me an email if you’re interested in changing your life!

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