I am a virgin! First Time Ever Fitness Competitor.

A few years ago, I told my boyfriend at the time that I wanted to do a fitness competition. Guess what he said? “You couldn’t because you eat too much.” Yikes. That lead to a huge fight, low self-esteem, and broken dreams.

Today, I recognize that I was in a terribly abusive relationship (thank God I got out of that one)! Since then, I have been through a lot, I am sober now and in recovery. I am in a healthy and happy relationship. But most importantly, I love myself no matter what!
And once again, I thought to myself how much I wanted to do a fitness competition. An opportunity presented itself, and BAM! I am currently in contest prep and less than 6 weeks away from doing my first competition on December 5th.

flex comparison

I am not going to lie, it has been really tough! I think I have now graduated to “ROBOTMODE” and I meal prep, exercise, work, sleep, repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I am excited to share my journey with you because I want people to know that it is possible. Anything is possible really if you just believe in yourself and get ish done.



A Hump Day Booty Workout!

Remember that song? My humps? My lovely lady lumps?
That song was catchy, but also kinda dumb. I googled the lyrics and read them out loud. Try that. It is very funny.
What are you going to do with all that ass inside of them jeans?
Well, first of all, learn some grammar, Will.i.am. Then we can talk more about my lovely lady lumps.
But humps are on my mind this Wednesday hump day, so I will give you a hump day booty workout. You’re welcome. Although (insert feminist rant), let me remind you that your lovely lady lumps are your own and not meant to be there for the pleasure of men. Nonetheless, here it is:
As always, warm up first!

Hip Thrusts 5×8-10 (I did two warm up sets at 135# then 3@185#)
Deadlifts 5×8-10 (I did the same weight for all sets 115# with the trap bar)

3×10 for all of the following
Superset A
A1: Split Squats
A2: Jump Squats
Superset B
B1: Reverse Lunges
B2: Sumo Squats

Do this for 1-3 Rounds depending on time and energy…yikes!
40 Kettlebell Swings
6 Burpees
30 KBS
8 Burpees
20 KBS
10 Burpees